The calendar below lists our events, but for major events, you may find more information under the downloads tab.

      Date                                         Event                                                            Venue                                       Teacher(s)

  20/21 October 2018                    ADL Annual Course(free to members)     Reigate                                     Multiple ADL teachers

  24/25 November 2018               Seminar with Thomas Christaller             Cambridge                              Thomas Christaller 5th Dan

   7-9 June 2019                              Seminar with Mary Heiny                         Burwell                                   Mary Heiny 7th Dan

  27-29 September 2019                 Seminar with Kimberly Richardson        Burwell                                   Kimberly Richardson 6th Dan

             Contact Steve Fyffe - Venue- Sewell Park College Sports Hall, Constitution Hill, Norwich, NR3 4BX . - Tel. 07815 946756