Steve Fyffe (Sensei)


I started my martial arts journey 4th September 1957, but only started to study aikido in the late sixties, when Abbe Sensei was teaching at the Budokwai. Being registered blind from birth it was considered at that time too dangerous for me to study aikido.

I had to wait just over ten years to find someone to teach me. I travelled all over the UK learning from anyone who would teach me.

I belonged at that time to the first aikido club in the Norwich area.

I was awarded 1st Dan from Tamura Sensei 1989

I now teach in Norwich and train in Burwell.

I am very honoured to hold the rank of 5th Dan Godan and very much involved with Aikido for Daily Life.

I personally believe that aikido principles are a solid guideline to living the Art of Peace.

Over the last three years, I have strived to soften my aikido.



4th Dan Judo (BJA) and (BJC) (old Grades) retired from Judo   early 80's

 5th Dan Aikido - Certified by Aikido for Daily Life -January 2016

 1st Dan (Hon) Ten Shin Ryu Iaido (Tsunami Yodokan )

 Certified Cane Master (GM Mark Shuey America)

 British Aikido Board certified Coach

 City and Guild NVQ Teaching level 3 Aikido

 Member of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu Instructor (Aikido) and member   of  the Guild of Remei Yudansha M.G.R.Y. 

 Member an Student of theTsunami Yodokan Dojo Croydon   London. 

 Founder of the UCC (Univertsal Cane Council)

 Member of Dai Nippon Butoku KaiInternational (DNBK INT.)   2012


Steve Fyffe (with Linda Holiday Sensei-Aikido of Santa Cruz

             Contact Steve Fyffe - Venue- Sewell Park College Sports Hall, Constitution Hill, Norwich, NR3 4BX . - Tel. 07815 946756